StartupSofa.com asked me to do a guest blog post for their readers on getting serious about work. This is a website for entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses, with the occasional post for someone getting started in the professional workplace.
Click here to check out my guest post which draws on my experiences from high school jobs, the military, corporate life, and my current role as an entrepreneur and small business owner. Be sure to like it on Facebook and retweet, and let me know what you think in the comments.


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Article written by Michael

Christian, Voluntaryist, Marine, Southerner, WordPress enthusiast.


  1. Rick Yentzer

    Nice post. Number 6 hit the nail on the head for me. Under poor management this can be difficult but ultimately we answer to a higher authority.

  2. Shana

    I like this article. I’m currently trying to get a job in the computing field and I definately agree that one has to learn by themselves. I’ll keep these other points in mind.

  3. Todd Staples

    Michael, As a former enlisted Marine myself who spent a large part of my time at wonderful Cherry Point right there in North Carolina, I read your post and felt like I was back there all over again. I have frequently been accused of over dressing, performing above my allotted pay grade, and leading in ways that inspire others to follow. I can’t honestly say the military was a great fit for me as a career, but the rewiring that the Marines did on my own clockwork is permanent and lasting. I am today starting my own entrepreneurial venture and it is absolutely not for the feint of heart.

    By the way my website is great but my SEO sucks….I am looking forward to looking at the all in one SEO…..thanks! S/F – Todd Staples tassma.net

  4. Yousucksomuch

    our are the reason why there are so many talented dudes withouth work. maybe you should try to use stylesheets and get some skill. selling wordpress templates is the reason why your are out of buisness i guess, you are cancer for that scene.

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