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  1. Xcobar

    You definitely deserve this.
    Thank you for your work and contribution to the development of WordPress.
    Greetings from Brazil,

  2. Bill

    That was so incredibly cool. Nowadays, it seems really difficult to get a simple “thank you,” that a lot of people have just given up.

    I am glad to see that there are still thoughtful human beings out there. I was beginning to think that dogs were our only hope!

  3. Ross

    You deserve it… I donated a couple of $ too 🙂

  4. Paul J Roberts


    I’ve been using your SEO Pack for my WordPress blog for some time now. While tweaking the latest version, I clicked the link to your site to learn a bit more about the author and drop you a comment.

    First, thanks for the hard work on your plug-in! It definitely has helped my very noobie blog increase its rank, web presence and traffic!

    Your post today is correct. There are a lot of WordPress and plug-in authors that don’t get the credit they deserve! You, sir, get a hat tip from me!

    Thanks for the hard work!
    .-= Paul J Roberts´s last blog ..ASUS Home Server TS Mini-New Release Info =-.

  5. Amburn

    You definitely deserve this.
    Thank you for your work and contribution to the development of WordPress.
    Greetings from Brazil,

  6. Marco

    Congrats for Your work!
    But I have small problem 🙂
    Please! Can You define variable before use?
    (Sorry bad English)

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  7. Ipod Touch App Reviews

    If I come across a really informative blog with a donation or “buy me a beer” plugin I usually do just that, blogs ont usually pay quite as much as people think.

    Nice read.

  8. The Life Chef

    I am a total novice when it comes to social media, SEO etc…so this is a massive learning curve, I am grateful for people like yourselves building the software that you do. I want to make a donation but I would like to know a couple of basic things first if that is ok, as at the moment, the plugin is there and I don’t have the foggiest what to do with it,or where to go to learn, in PLAIN english and not cyber talk!??

    Can you please point me in the right direction and I will happily show my appreciation through amazon or paypal.
    .-= The Life Chef´s last blog ..The Life Chef recipe for letting go! =-.

  9. Doug Francis

    “We all swore if we ever got rich. We would pay the Mini Mart back. Yes sir! Yes sir!” – Jimmy Buffett
    You certainly will be on my list…
    .-= Doug Francis´s last blog ..Tell me about the crime rate in Fairfax County? =-.

  10. Andy Hoyland

    Yeah – I’ve used the SEO plugin a few times and would like to say thanks muchly. I’ve made a donation but would have loved it to have been more!

    I had a look at your Amazon wishlist and then chickened out of buying you a clock. Wish I hadn’t now!!

  11. Michael Purse

    Hey Michael,

    Thanks for the awesome SEO plugin. Just sent over my donation, please keep up the great work. 🙂


    Michael #2
    .-= Michael Purse´s last blog ..Portfolio Updated =-.

  12. Esther Chan

    Thanks for the plug-ins. You works really improve SEO in many high-traffic blog. Keep it up.

  13. Rob Bertholf

    Just wanted to give some kudos to you Michael:

    Keep up the great work!
    .-= Rob Bertholf´s last blog ..Search Optimize your WordPress site =-.

  14. Jeff Farthing

    Being a developer myself, I know exactly where you’re coming from, brother. There are good people out there. Have faith and keep on pressin’!

  15. Daniel Drude

    I didn’t realise you created the All in One SEO plugin! It’s an awesome plugin that has helped wordpress become the SEO powerhouse of a program it is today. I’ve used it on all my blogs to great effect, so thank you! I’ll be making a donation this Christmas.

  16. Zubair Khan

    hey man congratulations for your brilliant work you really deserve it keep up doing good work… i am new to this site i like your post just want to congrats you and here i am done now thanks!

  17. Ian McKendrick

    We’re planning a series of “Plain English” training videos on your All In One SEO Pack and giving you heaps of promotion while we’re at it. You have produced a truly awesome plugin that many of our customers really appreciate, and who will hopefully give you the credit that you so well deserve. Thank you Michael, well done, and keep up the brilliant work!

  18. Mario

    I am using your plugin, and I want to say that if more people did the right thing, like you do, things would go much more smoothly, and our children’s future would look much brighter.

  19. Dr Rosen

    Your program is very easy to use. Thank you!

  20. Vladimir

    Thank you for your meta seo plugin for the wordpress that you did, it is awesome…

  21. Ladies Shoes

    I will definitely have to say THANK YOU for the ALL IN ONE SEO PACK. It was very easy to use and install. It helped boost my PageRank after I used it by being able to pinpoint my usage of the HTML. A million thanks !!!!!

  22. Amy

    Just wanted to give some kudos to you Michael:

    Keep up the great work!

  23. Doctor Stock

    As a newbie at all this, Thanks… it’s been great Michael. Very helpful tool, esp. for beginners.

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