The Mirage

During my trip to Savannah, I visited the The Mirage – Mediterranean Bar and Grill (and Hookah bar). It was extremely dark, so sorry if the pictures are a little grainy.

Comparing Video from Kodak Zi8 and Nikon D5000

I’ve taken videos from both my Kodak Zi8 and my Nikon D5000, but I wanted to see how they compared side by side… literally. For this example, I held (sorry about the shaking) both cameras next to each other and […]

Global Warming in Full Force

Now, I’m pretty sure that Mr Gore told me that we are in dire straits and that we are killing the planet.  Yet somehow, here in Dixie, we have our second southern snow of the season.  In March.


From my recent trip to Charlottesville, Virginia. Go Hokies!

first snow of the year

The Eskimos had 52 words for snow. Whatever you want to call it, the sight sure is beautiful…