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My wife and I travel a lot. I’ve been to seven other countries this year and fifteen states, with one more country planned for December. As we strive to progress toward a minimalist lifestyle (baby steps!), we have a policy against returning home with souvenirs other than memories and (mostly) digital photos. We try to keep our house free of knick-knacks, trinkets, collectibles, antiques, and whatnots.

When we first encountered Conquest Maps, we were blown away at how amazing they looked online, and loved that they have so many size options, pin color options, and different styles of the map itself. This seemed like the perfect solution. It’s an object that isn’t from our travels, but is a work of art about them!

We chose the 54″ x 36″ triptych (three-panel) Modern Slate, but they come in a variety of sizes, and three different styles, including Rustic Vintage and Golden Aged. We placed ours in the entry hallway, but it would also work great as a piece for the focal point of your home. 

Product quality matters, but what matters just as much is what happens when the unexpected occurs.

Customer support

Product quality matters, but what matters just as much is what happens when the unexpected occurs. As it happened, we were planning on a month-long cross country road trip (13 states!) and wouldn’t be back until well after the satisfaction guarantee period was over. My concern was that something would go wrong, and we’d be powerless to replace/fix whatever issue may exist.

I reached out to Conquest Maps customer service who quickly replied that they’re happy to delay the return period until after our trip; after all, they are pro-travel! 


Delivery was quick, and the product arrived prior to the estimate, and was well packaged. After opening, I was blown away by the quality craftsmanship that went into making this. It’s essentially a work of art!


One of the biggest things that jumps out at me about this map is how huge the world is. We were thinking we were pretty well traveled (17 countries and 30 states) until we realized how little of the world we’ve actually seen. 

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