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9 responses to “Cory Miller’s WordCamp Chicago Presentation”

  1. Cory Miller

    Michael, thanks so much for taping it … as funny as it sounds, that was one of the greatest honors I could have received — getting pelted by stress balls by a bunch of geeks!

    I appreciate your friendship and wisdom more than you know!

  2. Emil

    I can’t believe that I miss this 🙁 Do you guys have some videos from WordCamp Chicago that we can see?


  3. What happens when @GoDaddy gives us the balls to show @CoryMiller303 our appreciation?? | WordCamp Chicago

    […] H/T: @MichaelTorbert (via: […]

  4. Mike Roberts

    I`m to intersted to see this, to bad I wasn`t at Chicago to enjoy it.

  5. Sam England

    Wish I could have been there, but really had a great time at Wordcamp Raleigh…and got to meet some fantastic people.

    Michael…I’ll see you soon at the next meetup this month!
    Got you a surprise for the HOKIE fan in you!

  6. Sandu Vlad

    Wish I’ve been there, it sounds you really had a great time at the WordCamp.

    Take Care

  7. bowo

    nice post bro!

  8. Blanca

    A vindictive site with your name on the source code has pictures of me! I suggest you follow me back on Twitter @ZumbainDallas so we can talk about this problem. A Christian hosted site? seriously? Sad

  9. Benny Howe

    I love it! Although I was expecting something a little more serious lol

    Although a Geek getting pelted by stress balls thrown by a bunch of Geeks, is pure genius 🙂

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