Cory Miller’s WordCamp Chicago Presentation

Everyone’s favorite iThemes owner gave a profound and inspiring presentation about the trials of owning your own WordPress-based enterprise. I saw a lot of parallels to my own experiences as a WordPress entrepreneur in his talk, and certainly took away a lot from it. To those who attended, it was a very moving experience.

Take a look at the video  where we show our appreciation:

[wpvideo wKu1S40J w=599]

On the topic of WordCamp, make sure you’re keeping up with the latest WordCamp Raleigh news… we’ve been away in Chicago but will continue to post slideshows, videos, pictures, recaps, etc at


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8 comments on “Cory Miller’s WordCamp Chicago Presentation
  1. Cory Miller says:

    Michael, thanks so much for taping it … as funny as it sounds, that was one of the greatest honors I could have received — getting pelted by stress balls by a bunch of geeks!

    I appreciate your friendship and wisdom more than you know!

  2. Emil says:

    I can’t believe that I miss this 🙁 Do you guys have some videos from WordCamp Chicago that we can see?


  3. Mike Roberts says:

    I`m to intersted to see this, to bad I wasn`t at Chicago to enjoy it.

  4. Sam England says:

    Wish I could have been there, but really had a great time at Wordcamp Raleigh…and got to meet some fantastic people.

    Michael…I’ll see you soon at the next meetup this month!
    Got you a surprise for the HOKIE fan in you!

  5. Sandu Vlad says:

    Wish I’ve been there, it sounds you really had a great time at the WordCamp.

    Take Care

  6. bowo says:

    nice post bro!

  7. Blanca says:

    A vindictive site with your name on the source code has pictures of me! I suggest you follow me back on Twitter @ZumbainDallas so we can talk about this problem. A Christian hosted site? seriously? Sad

  8. Benny Howe says:

    I love it! Although I was expecting something a little more serious lol

    Although a Geek getting pelted by stress balls thrown by a bunch of Geeks, is pure genius 🙂

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