My Blog Could Beat Up Your Blog

Today I received a couple iThemes shirts from Cory Miller of Add this to my lot of other WordPress shirts from the official WordPress shop, and I’m getting quite the collection of WordPress gear. I’m always up for more WordPress gear/attire, so if you’re aware of any others, please let me know!

iThemes Michael Torbert

iThemes Michael Torbert

Fellow Semper Fi WordPress geek, Steve Mortiboy, likes his iThemes WordPress shirt as well…

iThemes Steve Mortiboy

iThemes Steve Mortiboy


Christian, Voluntaryist, Marine, Southerner, WordPress enthusiast.

10 comments on “My Blog Could Beat Up Your Blog
  1. Wayne Sutton says:

    Nice shirt! Got to order one of those.

  2. Cory Miller says:

    Michael, love it! Thanks for posting!

  3. Great T-shirts from iThemes. My thanks to James Dalman and Cory Miller for sending Michael and I those shirts. Looking forward to seeing you both at WordCamp Raleigh in 6 weeks!

  4. Emil Uzelac says:

    Great shirt man!

  5. Joseph says:


    Thats a great shirt, I collect internet gear myself as well, not wordpress specific per say, but thats a funny shirt for sure, I just happened to click on your blog link today from my wordpress admin “seo pack plugin” page and then I saw this post…LOL

    Ah yes, us bloggers 🙂 We have such great minds!

    Thanks for posting that !!

    BTW -Does he sell those shirts?


  6. Dean Peters says:

    So are we all going to wear these at the RDU WordPress camp this coming May 22?

  7. dan milward says:

    Nice shirt! I want one that says My Plugin could beat up your Plugin.

  8. jonny says:

    Great themes at iThemes but the support is in need of an overahaul. Maybe someone will buy it and get rid of mr miller and they can offer support that takes care of everyone.

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