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I just made an updated list of the top WordPress plugins for ANY blog or site. There are some old tried and true plugins, and a few you may have never heard of. The list includes both free and premium, but they are all the best plugins for using WordPress.


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10 comments on “Top WordPress Plugins
  1. Colin Goldberg says:


    I thought I would let you know that your All in One SEO Pack plugin recently caused my wordpress site content – on most pages – to disappear. This is also true for the latest version which I upgraded to and have now deactivated because of this problem.

    My site ( has had this plugin for some time now, with no problem like this – this has only happened within the last week (not sure exactly what day). I checked and rechecked – this plugin was definitely the cause of my disappearing content.

    • Michael says:

      Hi Colin,

      I’ve never heard of anyone having this problem. Switch to the default theme and deactivate all other plugins and see if the problem still exists.
      All in One SEO Pack doesn’t actually change any content, so it shouldn’t be a problem with the plugin.

  2. candacewalkley says:

    Hi Michael, Thanks for your ebook about SEO stuff. It has helped a bit.
    Where do I find your list that you speak of in this post?

  3. japersonal says:

    Hey Michael,

    I’ve been using All in One SEO Pack for a while and I believe that by using H1 for post’s titles (instead of current H2) should increase the SEO efforts of our sites.

  4. rhonda hurwitz says:

    Where is the list? Any other plugins besides AIOSEO?

  5. Sachin Bille says:

    Hello Michael,

    Thanks for awesome plugin!
    I used it for all my websites, it is very very useful for niche blogs. I have seen couple of my site where I mistakenly forgot to activate this plugin and add SEO data, that both website was not getting indexed in Google, finally I reviewed all my wordpress settings and found that All in one seo was not configured yet, I configured it and within two days both site got indexed ๐Ÿ™‚
    All In One SEO plugin is must, and any kind of wordpress site can’t be able to live without it!

  6. Bachtiar says:

    Hi Michael,

    I love your plugin and use it since first time I meet WordPress on 2009.

    I would suggest if you can adding more free feature such as: rich snippet rating integration, xml sitemap and image sitemap ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Agus says:

    I have read how the plugin settings all in one seo pack in wordpress and each – each person has a different opinion and I want to find out directly from its maker how the plugin settings all in one seo pack is good and right

  8. Rashid Malik says:

    I installed All in One SEO pack recently and this stopped me editing any of our post or page. It left us in limbo for a few weeks. I deactivated it to solve this problem. I wonder if any other user faced the same problem.
    I wrote to Michael and he suggested some solutions but it did not help.

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