Twitter Updates for 2009-02-25

  • mmm… Schlotzsky’s for breakfast. #
  • I must have added an extra zero… I always do that. #
  • Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make. #
  • Social networking meets media management for OSX in Doubletwist #
  • @andylevy Safari 4 Beta being 30 times faster than IE7 isn’t really that much to brag about. #
  • @AlisonRosen If you want great, fast browsing then use Safari. If you want lots of functionality (add-ons) then use Firefox. #
  • @KarlRove “If you can’t convince them, confuse them.” -Truman #
  • Unpatched exploit for Excel 07 #
  • Did someone forget to tell him that he’s not campaigning anymore? #
  • Wow. America invented the automobile? #
  • Bobby Jindal is saying more in 10 minutes than Obama did in an hour. #
  • @andylevy Jindal has more content in one minute of his speech than the Obama did all night. #
  • @MarketingMic What are you having troubles with? in reply to MarketingMic #
  • there’s something strange about Obama signing autographs for Congress… #
  • @markjaquith Are you using it on OSX or WIndows? I’m nervous about upgrading until I hear what other people think about it on the Mac. #
  • @scotthodge Great WordPress themes source: #
  • @markjaquith Safari 4 is pretty nice. I’m not too sure about the tabs on top either though. #
  • @markjaquith as per Google, to put tabs back on the bottom, run defaults write DebugSafari4TabBarIsOnTop -bool NO #
  • @scottalanmiller Make sure you have the remote host set in your wp-config.php, you also need to allow incoming connections for mysql in reply to scottalanmiller #
  • @lorelleonwp and/or are both popular free Virus scanners #
  • @lorelleonwp I’m pretty sure Avast does. I’m not certain about AVG. #
  • @lorelleonwp Avast free virus removal #

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