Twitter Updates for 2009-10-05

  • Amazing pick by Deangelo Hall. Go Skins(/Hokies)! #
  • AT&T U-verse is available for my house finally!!! It's no Verizon FIOS, but it sure beats Time Warner Cable. #
  • Do any of my followers use AT&T U-verse? What do you think about it? Worth switching from Time Warner Cable for internet+tv? #
  • Proposed @twitter fix: If you DM someone, they should be able to DM you back, regardless of whether or not you follow them RT @mikeorren #
  • Dont tell hot chicks that you are a Social Media expert or blogger.They will laugh at you. RT @1938media RT @carlhancock #
  • Anyone else watching football on NBC who can't stand the sound of Keith Olbermann's voice? #
  • @carlhancock @quityourdayjob What a novel idea. I just can't stand to listen to him, and don't understand why they'd even give him a job. #
  • @carlhancock That was his plan. It was good social media marketing. 😉 in reply to carlhancock #

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