Kimi’s Carpets Plus – Fuquay Varina

TLDR; This company, Kimi’s Carpets Plus in Fuquay Varina, owned by Mike and Kimberly Quinn, overpromises and underdelivers, accepting payment for work they’re not able to complete. The owner is rude, unprofessional, and has a temper with both his employees […]

Conquest Maps – Review

My wife and I travel a lot. I’ve been to seven other countries this year and fifteen states, with one more country planned for December. As we strive to progress toward a minimalist lifestyle (baby steps!), we have a policy […]

Yak Milk Soap by Yak My Body

Recently my wife launched Yak Milk Soap by Yak My Body. This is a social enterprise that empowers marginalized Tibetan women with soap making skills to become economically independent. My personal favorite is the Uncle Tomba Sandlewood & Lemongrass Yak Milk Soap. […]

All in One SEO Pack Pro 2.4.10

We just released All in One SEO Pack Pro 2.4.10 and All in One SEO Pack free 2.3.10. Read all about it here.

WordPress 4.4

WordPress 4.4 has just been released. Check out the notes and video below to see what’s new. For Users -New Default Theme Twenty Sixteen –Responsive Images –Embeds improvements For Developers –Rest API –Terms now support metadata –Comment query improvements –Term, […]

WordPress Runs 25% of the Web

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that WordPress is big. How big? This content management software now powers 25% of the web. According to, “WordPress is used by 58.7% of all the websites whose content management […]

Update Your WordPress Plugins, or the Terrorists Win

This week, the FBI issued a public service announcement that ISIS/ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria/Islamic State in the Levant) sympathizers are using WordPress plugin vulnerabilities to deface websites. The defacements have affected Web site operations and the communication […]

So a bar walks into an office…

Recently, my WordPress Development company announced an opening for an administrative assistant. We're looking to hire an administrative assistant in the Raleigh/Durham area. We are open to college students… — Semper Fi Web Design (@semperfidev) June 26, 2014 Imagine […]

WordPress Audi – S4 Edition

The Budget Crisis – Making Economic Sense

In politics fall, not spring, is the silly season. How many times have we seen the farce: the crises deadline in October, the budget “summit” between the Executive and Congress, and the piteous wails of liberals and centrists that those […]

How Democracy Works

The Diner From Hell – How Democracy Really Works From Tom Woods and

WordPress 3.4.2 Maintenance and Security Release

What you need to know: Download it now:  

9 WAYS TO GET SERIOUS ABOUT YOUR WORK asked me to do a guest blog post for their readers on getting serious about work. This is a website for entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses, with the occasional post for someone getting started in the professional workplace. Click here to check out […]

Top WordPress Plugins

I just made an updated list of the top WordPress plugins for ANY blog or site. There are some old tried and true plugins, and a few you may have never heard of. The list includes both free and premium, […]

Church Software => WordPress

My dad’s church software website is finally using WordPress. It only took 3 or 4 years of convincing! I know it doesn’t look like much yet, but after 20 minutes of work it looks 10 times better than the last […]

What Happens if the Electoral College is a 269-269 Tie?

What Happens if the Electoral College is a 269-269 Tie?

Hard at Work

Some of the rest of the furniture for the new Semper Fi Web Design office came in today. We don’t even have all the desks yet, but the lounge bar and sofas have arrived. (We didn’t have a need for […]

New Twitter embed in WordPress 3.4

Well this is cool. In a day full of releases and upgrades, WordPress 3.4 is out! — Michael Torbert (@michaeltorbert) June 13, 2012 I feel like this will definitely come in handy. —– Will it break the internet if […]

WordPress 3.4 is released today.

Get ready to upgrade again. First it was a new version of All in One SEO Pack, then a new version of Backup Buddy, and now WordPress 3.4 was released today. There’s a new theme customizer for users, and tons […]

Backup Buddy 3.0 is out – take 30% off with coupon code SEMPERFI25

Click here to check out the awesome list of new features in this already amazing plugin. Make sure you use discount code SEMPERFI25 for an extra 25% off!  

Why the hiring process is like speed dating and shotgun weddings

Here’s an excellent article from Cory Miller of iThemes and Backup Buddy   On a related topic, we’re still hiring.

Perfect Customer Support

Perfect Customer Support

All in One SEO Pack – updated

I’ve just released an update for All in One SEO Pack, the most downloaded WordPress plugin.