iPad converted to PADD

In Star Trek, they had (or will have?) these little hand-held devices called PADDs, or Personal Access Display Device.

Comparing Video from Kodak Zi8 and Nikon D5000

I’ve taken videos from both my Kodak Zi8 and my Nikon D5000, but I wanted to see how they compared side by side… literally. For this example, I held (sorry about the shaking) both cameras next to each other and […]

Skype App for the iPhone

Skype has finally come to the iPhone.   Users are able to make free calls using Wi-Fi to other Skype users as well as use their Skype accounts to make free or cheap VOIP calls to any landline or cell phone.  The Skype […]

My First Apple Macbook

Ever since I made “the switch” last year, I’ve become more and more enamored with Apple products. As a former lifelong Apple-hater, I now see the error in my ways, and am really enjoying my new toys. Since my Acer […]

my new iPhone 8GB

Well you knew I would get one eventually.  I even thought about waiting in line.  When I went to the Apple Store with a friend when the iPhones first came out, I promptly walked away.  Checking two other iStores in […]