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4 responses to “Skype App for the iPhone”

  1. Sandy Nagel

    Wow how did you get this so soon? I didn’t even know it was out yet!

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  2. Jessica

    I’ve been using for about a month now – for chat only, not voip. It doesn’t seem to track my recent conversations very well. Not sure if others are having this problem as well.


  3. Chris

    @Jessica – sounds like similar problems to me. Still waiting for an update, expected it to come a couple of months ago really…

  4. Elle Wood

    Apple is a great idea, product, and company. They need to consider where and what their true products and market are. They are at a position where they could potentially control and revolutionize the way we shop, view and use the internet, and interact with technology and our daily lives. These are the types of products that they need to focus on.

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