The Budget Crisis – Making Economic Sense

In politics fall, not spring, is the silly season. How many times have we seen the farce: the crises deadline in October, the budget “summit” between the Executive and Congress, and the piteous wails of liberals and centrists that those […]

How Democracy Works

The Diner From Hell – How Democracy Really Works From Tom Woods and

House to Approve Bill without Voting

Hey Guys, I am sending this letter to a few friends.  This is as critical as it is unbelievable.: Several days ago, house rules chairwoman Louise Slaughter began preparing a rule that would consider the Senate health care bill as […]

Jesus 2nd to Obama on Top 10 Most Admired List

President Barack Hussein Obama came in number one, followed by Jesus Christ at number two, on the Top 10 Most Admired List.  Not that anybody asked me (2634 American adults were polled).  Seriously, I want to see a “Who is […]

To Quote Thomas Jefferson

Quotes from Thomas Jefferson.