House to Approve Bill without Voting

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I am sending this letter to a few friends.  This is as critical as it is unbelievable.:

Several days ago, house rules chairwoman Louise Slaughter began preparing a rule that would consider the Senate health care bill as passed in the House of Representatives without the House actually having to vote for it. That’s right. The house is planning to approve a bill without voting on it!

According to radio talk show host Mark Levin:

“Republicans now expect Democrats to pass health care through the House with a trick only Capitol Hill could dream up: approving the Senate bill without voting on it. “Democrats will vote on a separate bill that includes language stating that the original Senate bill is ‘deemed passed.’ So by voting for the first bill — a reconciliation measure to fix certain things in the Senate bill — that will automatically pass the second bill — the original Senate bill — without a separate roll call taking place”.

According to Congressman Eric Cantor:

“Most of us who grew up in U.S. government class realize that in order for a bill to become law, both houses of Congress have to vote on it.”House Republican Whip Eric Cantor Fox News’ “America Live” March 12, 2010…

Visit these links for more information (If the links are still working):

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Recent Mark Levin Radio Shows

Levin Radion Show 3-12-2010

Believe me, I wish I was wrong or misinformed. Every American, whether Democrat, Republican or Independent, should be outraged by the tactic that is being planned by the house. But don’t take my word for it. Research it on your own. I have included several informative links.

Unfortunately websites appear to be hacked and information is being scrubbed from the Internet as quickly as it is posted. If any of the below links do not work, that is probably why.

Our health care system is the best in the world. Still, it can be improved. There is much fraud in Medicare and Medicaid. Tort reform is badly needed. The cost of prescriptions can be reduced. Instead of opening the floor to debate, the Senate needs to start over and involve all our Senators, not just a select few. The same goes for the House. This bill needs to be scrapped. It is nothing but a wealth redistribution bill.

Please take the time to immediately call AND write the representatives that are undecided on this issue.  Please also ask as many other s to do the same as possible.

President Obama has postponed the start of his vacation from March 18 until March 21. The weekend of March 19-21 will be critical. There is nothing more important than letting Congress know how you feel.  If this bill passes, it will fundamentally and permanently change our country.

The above is from an email I received today from my father.


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3 comments on “House to Approve Bill without Voting
  1. Banana Leaf (German: "Bananenblatt") says:

    being German, I’d claim to be neutral to this kind of US internal politics. But I do care for the health of people everywhere.

    In the spirit of an informed discussion, I’d like to object to the statement “Our [The US] health care system is the best in the world.”
    The US healthcare industry is world leading, yes. But the health care coverage of US citizens is almost Third-World (words from a German newspaper). Too few people can afford even the basics, too many left behind.

    In Europe, everybody has a right to get his medical treatments paid. Not all of it, not every treatment conceivable, but everything that’s needed to survive plus a chunk – details vary from country to country.

    In the US, what’s the number of people who are ovwhelmed by health care cost is huge. Yes, that comes at a cost: There is mandatory health care insurance. The freedom to not insure yourself is taken away. As diseases are as certain as death and taxes, I find that fair.

    My reference is several high-paid IT specialists who migrated from the US to Germany a few years ago because the social network here in Germany is superior, and despite some erosion I believe it still is.

    Don’t have yourself scared by your own politicians. As Michael wrote: “Research it on your own”. Please also look for the international comparison for which fraction of the population can afford treatment. US media may be biased. Look into international sources.

    Best Regards,


  2. In response to Bananenblatt, in America, it’s illegal for hospitals to turn away someone needing critical or emergency care because of an ability to pay or a lack thereof.

    Though we have some number of “uninsured”, that’s not the same as not having access to healthcare. The “uninsured” number includes those people who are temporarily between jobs (eg, you leave one job for another, but have a week in between the two), as well as people who could afford it if it were a priority, but, for one reason or another, choose not to have health insurance. But in any event, everyone has access to some level of “health care”, even if they do not have access to “health insurance”.

    That isn’t to say that there aren’t some people who are left out – there are, specifically those who have sleazy insurance carriers that drop them as soon as they get sick – but the crisis is exaggerated.

    More important than whether or not there is a crisis and whether or not this particular proposal is a good idea or a bad idea is that the far left in this country wants to pass it without a vote and they want to bribe two senators in order to do it. Regardless of whether or not you agree with the proposal, this is clearly wrong and criminal.

  3. Bob Dole says:

    Look at how many times Bush used presidential signing statements to push something through:

    I don’t see any posts on your blog that address that topic, though.

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