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11 responses to “My First Apple Macbook”

  1. Andy Russell

    Why don’t you just put Ubuntu on your old laptop?

  2. t42p

    4GB RAM – not too bad for a laptop! I only got 512M on my Lifebook.

  3. Seshaya

    You are a very smart person! I’m wondering where u got this info from

  4. Gib Wallis

    I don’t know why you’d hate the Mac for so many years and somehow get won over!

    I’ve made a living training people how to use PCs but have had a Mac at home since I was 14 and grew up playing on Unix machines.

    The current Mac seems to combine all three systems: Unix underneath, Windows app support when necessary, and the beautiful Mac interface.

    I’m on my first Mac laptop in 16 years after an iLamp for about 7 years. Amazing computers. Definitely makes it hard to get out of bed some mornings when everything’s on the Mac.
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  5. Andreas Nurbo

    Great, I love macs could never go back to pc ever again!
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  6. Adney

    Awesome machine. Have you installed Snow Leopard yet?

  7. jacobwindham

    I had the same problem. I bough a mac and a cheap monitor for the broken notebook. Now I have a shiny new MacBook pro and my three year old has a desktop.

  8. WebMax

    Macbook is the best thing around, I have 2. You should buy yourself a cover for the laptop too, don’t want it scratched hey!

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