Comparing Video from Kodak Zi8 and Nikon D5000

I’ve taken videos from both my Kodak Zi8 and my Nikon D5000, but I wanted to see how they compared side by side… literally. For this example, I held (sorry about the shaking) both cameras next to each other and recorded Steve Mortiboy driving a Dodge Charger around a circle a few times.

Kodak Zi8:

[wpvideo fz7OoCQM w=600]

Nikon D5000:

[wpvideo zCZHDltu w=600]


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3 comments on “Comparing Video from Kodak Zi8 and Nikon D5000
  1. James says:

    And it looks like the Kodak wins !!!
    I’ve got one myself and love it – now if I can just find a good external mic for audio recording I’ll be all set

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