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3 responses to “Comparing Video from Kodak Zi8 and Nikon D5000”

  1. James

    And it looks like the Kodak wins !!!
    I’ve got one myself and love it – now if I can just find a good external mic for audio recording I’ll be all set

    1. Jonathan

      Well it depends. Even though the Nikon footage is shaky, the lighting (and even color balance) seems to be better than on the footage captured with the Kodak camera. Depends on what you want to do with it I guess. If you use a tripod, the D500 may win. For fun stuff like this, I’d always choose a Zi8.


    2. Grant Swaim


      Steve Winfield covers the Zi8 and some microphone choices in the WordCamp presentation. It is full of good “Flip style” video info.


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