Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-02-23

  • Half of the charges against Pirate Bay have been dropped. #
  • Going to Charlottesville, Virginia today. It’s going to be cooold. #
  • In Charlottesville waiting for the game to start #
  • Warming up in reply to michaeltorbert #
  • Loving the new search. I think I still prefer Google though. #
  • @jeffr0 I see where the 2nd Ed. is finally on Amazon. At such a low price, I recommend it all the time. #
  • @jeffr0 Oh wow. Well that was a major change to his system. Oh well, they’re a good value anyway. I recommend Revolution all the time too #
  • @jeffr0 I’m not too sure about bido. Today is IMHO it’s a completely worthless domain as is. #
  • @jeffr0 Very true, especially with WordPress. ๐Ÿ™‚ I imagine the book is still very helpful though. #
  • @jeffr0 I’ve never been there before, but it is loading just fine for me. Try a different browser, or reset your cache in the one you use. #
  • Will President Obama give Stimulus to Open Source software? #
  • Over 200 servers power #
  • basketball pictures from the game during my trip to Virginia this week #
  • @jeffr0 Did I miss an announcement about this week’s broadcast being cancelled? #
  • Tax money is seriously paying for this? Real life Terminator: #
  • @donncha Fond memories of programming on the Commodore 64 ๐Ÿ™‚ #
  • @foundingfather I wish you could tell that to the current Feds… #
  • @wptavern Yet another WP thing I would love to be able to buy. #
  • @wptavern Oh wouldn’t that be nice! #
  • @wptavern BuddyPress is probably the closest example of that. #
  • @spamboy I would say they rarely work with the plugin author. Generally they’d just take the code/ideas they need. in reply to spamboy #
  • @spamboy since they are licensed as GPL, they don’t need to get permission or anything. in reply to spamboy #

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